Friday, 30 March 2012

New group members

There is now two members of our group; Sonal age 18 and Christiana age 17. They both represent strong, young, independent women living life to the fullest. They are two typical teenage girls that a lot other teenage girls will be able to relate to.

New production plan

Make up
Hula hoop
Tooth brush
Hair brush

Smart clothing for college
Onesies for toothbrush shot
Smart shoes
Casual clothing

My house-Bedroom
Passage way
Outside my house
Christiana's house-Bedroom
Passage way
Outside her house

Christiana's mum and dad
My mum and dad
Background extras


I came up with the idea to film some footage with the words on cardboard and have four way split screens showing the members of the groups playing around with them. I made the five boards that said 'Girls' 'Just' 'Wanna' 'have' 'fun'. I did them in bubble writing and painted them red. I was going to paint the background of the cardboard pink and write on it with white writing however the art block was only able to supply me with red paint as they were out of white, so I left the cardboard brown and painted the words in red. This was successful as the colourswent really well with the bright lighting that was in out shots
Whilst filming the footage, we got given an idea to take pictures of ourselves holding the boards striking different poses instead offilming it. We took up this idea and decided to also take pictures of ourselves dancing so that we can create an anamatic with it. We used the anamaticto split up the pole shots and used the pictures of us holding the boards to replace some of the repetitive footage.

Audience feedback

After showing our video in class for the first time and posting it on youtube, we got both positive and negative comments.
The positive feedback we got was that overall shots in the video were good especially the toilet shot and the pole shot, however the negative feedback was that the video was quite repetitive as the hula hooping shots and quad shots are used quite frequently and the pole shot goes on for too long. Also the car shots are too dark compared to the rest of the video. But overall the video has a good concept and is humorous.
We have taken this feedback into consideration and planned to film some more footage to replace the second hula hooping bit and some of the quad shots. I will have to split the pole shots up and add other footage in the middle. I have slightly lightened the car shots on Final Cut Pro but are however still quite dark.

Music video so far...

This is our video so far